When does a Scout need to submit a fundraising application?
  • Donations of money or materials from the following sources do not require submitting the fundraising form:
    • the Scout himself,
    • the Scouts parents or relatives,
    • the Scouts unit or
    • Chartered Partner,
    • members or parents of members of his unit or
    • from the beneficiary of the project.
  • All other sources require the form be submitted and approved prior to fundraising efforts taking place, this includes donations of money, material donations and/or discounts on materials.
What are some exceptions in terms of discount or donation of materials?
  • If a Scout is given a discount at the time of purchasing materials that was not solicited by the Scout it is OK to accept it and the form is not required.
  • Likewise If a Scout is offered scrap or left over materials, without solicitation on his part, he may accept them and does not need to submit the application as he did not solicit the materials but was merely offered then without solicitation on his part.
Are car washes allowed?
  • Yes, once they are approved by submitting a fundraising application.
Is there anything that a Scout should make clear when accepting donation and/or discounts?
  • Scouts must make it clear to all donors of materials,those offering a discount, or event participants that the money/ materials are being raised on behalf of the project beneficiary, which will retain any leftover funds or materials.
How does a Scout provide documentation of a gift?
  • Should any donor want documentation of a gift, this must be provided through the project beneficiary not the B.S.A., unit or council per Guide to Advancement section (page 56).
When should the Eagle Project Fundraising application be submitted?
  • The Eagle Project Fundraising Application, if required, should be submitted when the project is submitted for district approval. Districts should not approve any Eagle Service Projects that do not include the fundraising application, if required. This is the only way we have to ensure national and council policy's regarding fundraising are followed.